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31 August 2005

29 August 2005

14 September 2004

26 July 2004

4 April 2004

17 October 2003

New link on the links page: DontKnow has written a program to grab URLs from chat and post them to a Web page. If you miss a URL and want to find it, look here first.

27 January 2003

At Leo's suggestion, I've tweaked the filenames for the quotes files. The current quotes file is at genquotes.txt, and the old file is at gold-enquotes.txt. Got it? Good.

1 January 2003

NEW QUOTES FILE IS NOW ONLINE! See the front page for details.

13 November 2002

The Web site has moved, which is why you may not have been able to get to it lately. Fear not; all should be well now. If it isn't, mail marcie.

Also, we now have the casting of the EN mini-series up.

04 June 2002

The EN quotes file now comes two ways: regular or reverse chronological order (most recent quotes first). Rejoice.

05 March 2002

The user info on the stats page is fixed. Yay.

There is now a random quote generator. Feel the love.

24 February 2002

Added the disclaimer to the index page.

11 August 2001

Added the links page.

26 July 2001

The quotes are now available via an autoresponder e-mail address. Send a blank message to quotes at and the system will automatically e-mail you the whole quotes file. Useful for printing off and reading while taking a shit. Beware: the whole file is something on the order of 250k, so use your discretion.

25 July 2001

The site went online today. Whee!

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