rest in peace, EN

The server on which Eagle's Nest lived was destroyed in Hurricane Katrina. We assume it's somewhere at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico at the moment.

31 August 2005:

soney:    EN we believe is obliterated as the box was obliterated in gulfport
soney:    anyway
soney:    see ya
*** soney has left the room
janet:    requiescant in pace, EN.
marcie:   yeah. 
wob:      ahahahah
wob:      awesome.
marcie:   as i said this morning
marcie:   what a way to go ;)
wob:      it had a good run ;)
wob:      totally!
wob:      Now THATS a way to go down!
marcie:   free EN memorial tattoos all around! ;)
Moni:     well..thas'good news
Moni:     the box is down
Moni:     there ya go Marcie
firl:     where do i sign up for my EN memorial tattoo?
Vanyel:   what about EN now what did I miss?
Moni:     it's sunk
firl:     glug glug glug
Vanyel:   figured.
Vanyel:   goddamnit my fridge froze my lunch
Vanyel:   brb
wob:      hahaha
wob:      glug glug glug glug
wob:      that is so awesome.
wob:      I am so proud.
wob:      I am sharing that knowledge with people at work
wob:      it took a fucking hurricane to take out our goddamn bbs
wob:      i had email back from '92 on there too :)
firl:     awww
wob:      no biggie
wob:      i never look at it
firl:     but it Was There
wob:      ya
firl:     other than nebbs, EN was my 1st bbs
Vanyel:   you were on nebbs, too?
firl:     unofficially yes
wob:      long long ago
wob:      long ago
wob:      long
firl:     long!
wob:      heh
Vanyel:   yeah
Vanyel:   I was still in high school I think
firl:     i was
firl:     December 91!
Vanyel:   heck, I was there when they disabled chat
firl:     i got in trouble for having many many emails stored that were
talking about illegal drugs :)
Moni:     you youngins
Vanyel:   ahahahah  
Vanyel:   I think it was also my first non-uucp e-mail address, too
janet:    mm
janet:    being lectured to about cars 
firl:     when will you start lectruing about explosives?
Vanyel:   whose lecturing you about cars
Vanyel:   hasws why have you not smited them yet
janet:    heh
janet:    hah, nebbs
Vanyel:   it was shitty anyway
Vanyel:   I love "The Office"
janet:    heh
firl:     yes
marcie:   i also had email from 92 on EN
marcie:   meeeeemories
firl:     i had emails from greg back when i dated him :)
marcie:   awww
firl:     le sigh

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