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Slayer:   marcie, i have something to tell you
Slayer:   you aren't going to like it
marcie:   oh dear
Slayer:   i...
Slayer:   i can't even say it
Slayer:   you have to look for yourself
marcie:   uhmmm
Slayer:   luvewe.eglobe.com/~slayer/char/
marcie:   yer gay and are dashing all my hopes to get you in bed at xmas?
Slayer:   no, this is worsh
Slayer:   er, worse
marcie:   oh dear
marcie:   OH GOD
marcie:   FRAME#S
marcie:   YOU BASTARD
Slayer hangs his head

				-- marcie being disappointed in her prodigy
				Eagle's Nest BBS, 18 November 1998 


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