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From TheRock's "Eagle's Nest BBS Information and Policy" post on the ANNOUNCE board:


The Eagle's Nest BBS was created in April 1992 in response to a void created by demise of the Mars Hotel BBS (mars.ee.msstate.edu) in late 1991.

It began as a ragged port of Pirates BBS 1.6 to the ESIX operating system on seabass.st.usm.edu by TheRock, cactus, and thud. Many new features were added to the Pirates code over time. Since Pirates BBS 2.0 was being developed elsewhere, this derivative was named Eagles BBS in honor of the University of Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles. USM is the alma mater of the developers.

Soon, seabass dumped ESIX in favor of an up and coming free operating system called Linux 0.99. There was much rejoicing. Linux TCP/IP networking was quite flaky at the time, but the GNU development environment was so much better. Linux has since been the primary platform for EBBS development.

EBBS was rewritten nearly from the ground up in mid-1994 and released as EBBS 3.0. Development has not been very active since then. The current release is EBBS 3.1.1 and is available at ftp://ftp.datasync.com/pub/ebbs/ebbs-3.1.1.tar.gz.

The Eagle's Nest was moved from its traditional home at USM almost precisely five years after it began, to its present home at Datasync.

The server on which EN lived was taken offline by Hurricane Katrina around 29 August 2005. The regulars promptly moved to the Bit Janitor BBS as a backup. ENBBS came back to life on 23 September 2005. Apparently it takes more than a Category 4 hurricane to kill Eagle's Nest.

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